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We fly into the Baltistan part of Gilgit Baltistan and Karakorum Range. From the capital Skardu we travel to the valleys of Khaplu and Shigar – exploring the rural Balti Culture and scenerary. Khaplu is an ancient living city with historic fort and mosque. We enjoy the local Balti cuisine.

Shigar has natural beauty and a historic fort now a cafe and hotel. Driving from Skardu we pass Satpara Lake and go above 4000 metres to the beautiful Deosai Plains. Full of snow in winter this area is accessible only after June up till the end of October.

Plentiful melt water makes for a beautiful grassland with wildflowers and interesting nature. Marmots and Himilayan Brown Bear and wolves amaze however bird and insect life are also abundant. Migrating herdsmen and their horses are  sometimes seen in the grass lands. A river and suspension bridge as well as a crystal clear and still lake make the place idyllic. Near the Sheosar Lake it can be easy to stroll up to the mountain tops. Rama Lake is beside Nanga Parbat Mountain and Rama Glaciar and is a forested and meadow area. Hunza sits surrounded by 11 7000m + peaks and also has its own historic forts and living culture. Ganesh just below Karimabad is another example of an ancient living city.  Attabad lake was formed in 2010 by a massive landslide which blocked the Hunza river – the lake backed up 30 kilometers and drowned several villages and farms. Slightly smaller now we cross it to visit Passu Glacier and Borit Lake below Shispar Peak. We return and cross to the Nagar side of the valley and take ourselves on foot up to Rakaposhi base camp . Rakaposhi is the longest mountain and its snow and ice cover are impressive equally by day and under a full moon. Naltar offers a beautiful forested walk to a lake with a opportunity to observe local herdsmen at work. Babusar Pass is the old silk route and leads to a popular tourist area – cool in summer and still a little forrested. Taxila museum and site reveal an ancient Buddhist history of the area. Islamabad Rawalpindi Bazaars give a chance to view city life and shop for souveniors

Arrival ISB Transfer Hotel.

Flight to Skardu ( 55 mins plus 1 hour check in) Full day vehicle excursion ( 8 hrs) to Shigar and Khaplu Valleys stay in Hotel in Skardu.

Drive across Deosai Plains ( 4200 m) to Rama Lake in the Astore region ( 7 hours)

Drive to Hunza (5 hours), stop at spectacular points to view the Nanga Parbat , Rakaposhi, Diran and other peaks.

Day trip ( 8 hrs) to passu glacier across Attabad Lake

Hunza to Minapin by vehicle (1 hr).  trek to Tagaphari camp (3 hrs).

Rakaposhi Tagaphari  to Rakkaposhi base camp- Camp (3 hrs)

Descend to Minapin and Drive to Gilgit, (4 hrs trek/2hrs drive)

Day trip by vehicle to Naltar Valley  ( 2 hrs each way drive) and Lake walk. ( 3 hours) Hotel Gilgit

Drive to Tato (3hrs) & hike to Fairy Meadows ( 3 hrs). Nanga parbat  – HUTS